Hugo - A Music Collection Manager and Player

Hugo is a music management system unlike any other out there. I started working on Hugo because I found the existing tools for managing music collections highly lacking. In particular most music players suck at dealing with classical music.



Hugo doesnt enslave you to the retarded MP3 Tagging system. Hugo allows you to categorize your music in many different ways.

Simple Search

Hugo always finds the music you are looking for:

Advanced Search

Hugo also includes tools for more advanced search:

Album Booklets

Hugo provides tools to import and view album booklets right as you are playing your music:


Hugo provides tools for listenting for content on the web. For example, NPR provides great Audio feeds of their programming but no good user interface to manage them:

Integration with Sirius Satellite Radio:

Hugo makes it very easy to find artwork for your music. Easier than anything I've ever seen:
Click to see a movie of Hugo in action